why smart Tenant?

Smart Tenant simplifies the repair reporting process for tenants, sending the repair infomation directly to landlords and agents. With our innovative mobile app, tenants see an easy to use, simple interface, available in over 40 different languages. Our cross platform mobile app is accessible via smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Enables tenants to report faults clearly and accurately with no miscommunication, uploading images of the problem directly from their smartphone.

Your Smart Tenant can easily report their issues or receive relevant online guidance with our “self fix” section. Allowing a simple easy-to-fix solution for those frequently occurring problems tenants might come across, as well as giving tem awareness of their accountabilities.

Take away the hassle of receiving calls, and the struggle to gain the right information from tenants. Introduce a more efficient resolution with our cost effective model.

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how it works

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    Fewer phone calls

    Help tenants to fix simple issues themselves online 24/7

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    save time

    Save time, effort and money. Say hello to efficiency.

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    First-time fixes

    Boost efficiency and clearly communicate

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    Clear Fault Reports

    Clear repair fault report sent directly to the property manager. Say bye to confusing jargon.

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    Faster repairs

    Faster repairs, knowing what parts are requires for the job. Say farewell to call-out fees.

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